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Green/Eco School

Green School

May 2011

Green/Eco School Toothbrush Challenge
Llongyfarchiadau i holl ddisgyblion yr ysgol am lwyddo i gwblhau her brwsh dannedd Dwr Cymru. Mae hyn yn dangos ein bod yn deall gwerth dwr a’r rhan hanfodol mae’n ei chwarae yn ein bywyd bob dydd.

Celebrating Wild Wales Weekend
Rydym wedi bod yn llwyddiannus yn ein cais am gardiau rhodd B&Q gwerth £250 fel rhan o ymgyrch Cadwch Gymru’n Daclus. Byddwn yn defnyddio’r arian i wella bioamrywiaeth yr ysgol drwy brynu planhigion i ddenu ieir bach yr haf brodorol. Felly bydd y Cyngor Gwyrdd yn trefnu penwythnos o arddio cyn bo hir!

Environmental Week - 24-28 January 2011

All kinds of activities had been organized for the environmental week at our school.

environmental week

environmental week
environmental week First thing on Monday morning, Bethan Copeland, the Education Officer from Welsh Water, visited to provide a presentation for the entire school, followed by a workshop held with Mr Jones and Mrs Ray’s classes. ..... click here for more information

January 2011 - Collecting Rubbish

Mrs Ray's class has been very busy collecting rubbish around the village. Mr Lee Oliver from Cadw Cymru'n Daclus came to talk about the importance of recycling. Everyone had special gloves and sticks to pick litter up and we went to the park - not to play but to work! All sorts of things were found including car parts, sunglasses and a football! A great time was had by all!

sbwriel 1
sbwriel 2

sbwriel 3

sbwriel 4

sbwriel 5

sbwriel 6

sbwriel 7
Our message is

"Put your rubbish in a bin."

Recycling christmas cards

recycling 1
recycling 2


26 November 2010 - Service

Thank you to Sam, Magi, Catrin and Lois from Year 6 for holding a whole school service on the Green School activities. We all enjoyed the reading of the poem Y Gerdd Werdd by Gwyneth Glyn.

Each class has a kitchen caddy to compost their fruit waste after playtime..

Looking After The Birds

The Nursery and Reception class, as well as Years 1, 2,3 and 4 have been busy making bird food during this cold spell. The birds were very grateful!

Environmental Art Workshop

Gwynedd's Bio-diversity Officer came to the Urdd to give an environmental art workshop. Everyone enjoyed making their small habitats in a box.

The Green/Eco Committee

The Green/Eco committee has been established at the school to promote the principles of the Green School Charter for Gwynedd and Môn.

The committee will meet on a regular basis to discuss Eco matters and to make decisions.

Follow their progress on this web site as we aim for the silver certificate this year.

Good luck to them with this important work!

working group green school

We wish them all the best in this important work.

The prinipal aim of the scheme is to provide a framework whereby schools are assisted to adopt environmentally protective policies and activities which have a central role in daily life at the school and to:

  • Raise awareness of the need to protect their environment
  • Be more economical in our use of the environment and prevent pollution in our area
  • Work together to improve our environment

The scheme will assist the school to look at the environment through:

  • Waste reduction
  • Energy saving and natural resources
  • Pollution reduction and prevention

The School has since 2006, been accredited the bronze award for schools.
The award was gained through focussing on the following Thematic activities:

Waste reduction

Notify where the Re-cycling Banks are located outside the school.

  • Identify their location.
  • Provide a simple plan of the village, noting their location.
  • Draw the school’s attention to where they are located, through mentioning them at a Service or drawing a poster
  • Send parents a copy of the poster, attached to a circular which will be distributed in any case

Waste reduction

Ensure that re-cycling is implemented as a matter of course within the school. Use the Council’s blue walls as well as the Antur Waunfawr Service.

Energy Saving

Sensors have been installed in some classes that recognize if the class is empty

Energy Saving and Natural Resources

Encourage pupils and staff to switch off lighting before leaving the room for a period of time through -

  • Ensuring that stickers to raise awareness are installed by the light switches.

Energy saving

Ensure that the computers and electrical equipment are switched off in the evening

Waste Reduction and Prevention

 Write to Commercial Services to enquire which chemicals for cleaning purposes are used at the school.

Protecting the Local Environment

Survey the school’s rich natural environment using the relevant template.
Gather information on methods of travel to the school.

Prudent travel

Prepare a survey questionnaire to identify the travelling methods.

Prudent travel

  • Disseminate and collect the questionnaire.

Prudent travel

  • Produce tables and graphs, using survey results.

Prudent travel

  • Present the conclusions to the Green Group.
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