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Friends and Parents

Both the support and assistance of parents and the community is an extremely important factor if the school is to achieve success, and is greatly appreciated by the Governors, The Headteacher, and Staff. Parents can both support and contribute to school life and its success in several effective ways:

  • show enthusiasm and interest in your child’s development through attending meetings to discus your child’s work with the teacher. Parents Meetings are held as follows:

Autumn Term: A meeting with all the parents to provide general information on the                                   educational development of every individual.

Easter Term: An open day is held. Parents have an opportunity to discuss work with                                   their  children.

Summer Term: A written report is produced at least once a year that will include information on the child’s educational progress and attendance. The meeting held towards the end of the school year provides an opportunity to discuss the contents of the annual report and the child’s educational development during the year.

  1. Support your child as he/she learns to read. Young children who spend regular periods with their parents looking at books, listening to their parents reading, and reading to their parents are more  likely to master reading skills and come to enjoy and derive pleasure from reading as they grow   up. This in turn, assists the child to develop language skills, a good vocabulary, and broadens the  child’s horizons.
  2. Support your child to learn mathematics tables from memory. Children who understand bond
    numbers and thoroughly know their tables, find work involving numbers much easier. They are also able to adapt the information to learn new mathematical skills which provides a  good foundation for their school career.
  3. Attend school activities and meetings - e.g. open evenings, Book Fair, Christmas Pageant and
    Concerts, Sports. Additional assistance is required for some of these activities, e.g. provide
    dresses for productions.
  4. Attend activities and meetings of  the Cyfeillion i.e  the Friends of the School. The money raised  by the Cyfeillion is used   for the benefit of every child who attends the school -  e.g. to pay for transport to take children on  educational trips, purchase additional equipment such as   information technology equipment etc.
  5. A number of parents and other members of extended families possess skills or specialized
    knowledge, or another personal experience that could be applied to a theme or a classroom or a whole school activity. The school occasionally invites qualified individuals to visit the school to share their experiences or skills, and we welcome any information on individuals who would be  able to make such contributions.

The school and school work are an integral part of a child’s life. Having a parent who is both
enthusiastic and supportive of this element in a child’s life reinforces the important relationship    between the child, the parent, and the school.    

Agreement between Parents and the School
From the academic year 1999-2000 onwards, schools and parents are expected to sign an agreement outlining the school’s responsibilities and pledges in a child’s educational provision, and outlining the parents responsibilities and pledges when supporting their child at the school. Children who are sufficiently mature will sign the agreement. One copy will be kept at the school, and the other will be kept by the parents.

Visiting the School
Parents are welcome to visit the school to discuss their child’s work or development at any time if needs be, but we would appreciate if parents make prior arrangements to do so through sending a note or making a phone-call. Every teacher, including the Headteacher, is responsible for a class and staff need to make arrangements for somebody else to supervise the class if a parent wishes to see them during the day.

The School’s Friends Association
The friends association has been established at the school for some time. The Association’s aims and objectives are to raise money for the school, provide interesting activities for the children as well as enable the parents to get to know each other better.

The Association’s Annual Meeting will be held soon after the start of the school year in September. All of you are welcome to join this Association. We ask you to please support this Association in its efforts, and try and attend as many meetings as possible. The more successful this association can become, the greater the benefit for the school.

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