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Parking outside the school
A number of children who attend the school are escorted to and collected from school by car. In the past, there was concern that parking problems endangered children as they arrived at and left the school. The professional opinions of a local policeman and an officer from the Road Safety Department were sought as to how the situation could be improved. Both recommended:
  1. That the entrance to Bryn Tirion must be left clear, bearing in mind that it is illegal to park within 10 metres of a junction.
  2. Parents should park by the edge of the pavement in the direction of Bryn Eglwys from the school.
  3. That children should step out of cars by the pavement, and not on the roadside.
  4. There is no objection to 4 or 5 cars parking in the recess near the school entrance on condition:
  • that they are far enough away from where the lollipop lady operates,
  • that they stay within the yellow markings,
  • that the driver remains with the vehicle in order to remove it should there be an

    emergency and that a clear path is required through the gate.

In the interests of the children’s safety, we are confident that all parents will adhere to these guidelines.

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