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Welcome to Penisarwaun one of the most beautiful areas in Wales. It is located in the heart of Snowdonia, at the foot of Snowdon.




Saint Helen's Church

The church celebrated it's centeniary during 1983.

Penisarwaun is located between Caernarfon and Llanberis.

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King  Arthur's Well
Ffynnon Cegin Arthur

At one time Ffynnon Cegin Arthur was in the middle of an exceptional bog.  But unfortunately, a few years ago, permission was given for someone to plant evergreen trees on the bog, and destroys it.  Before this time, the bog was a magnificent place for wildlife: being birds, mammals, plants and reptiles.  Here was the hare and its lare, the polecat (a small animal from Wales and its borders).  There were wild ducks, water hens, curlews and cornchwiglod and many interesting birds nestling here.  Amongst the heather, the viper would slither.  Also the bog would be an array of plantations.  A very special one was the cranberry.  This is a small flower, which has a small red berry.  Cranberry is the sauce eaten with turkey at Christmas. 

The peat was very thick here, and where it had been dug into, Maypole trunks could be seen.  These trees had been growing since 500BC but the climate changed to be very wet.  Moss grew densely, covered the trees and killed them.  The trees were buried in the peat to prevent them from decaying.

But Ffynnon Cegin Arthur is remarkable.  This was a medical well full of healthy remedies.  They thought of creating a Spa here as there is in Llandrindod Wells in order to attract more people to the area to drink the healthy water, but it didn't come to be.


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