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Healthy School

February 2012
On Monday February 20th, Mark the Magician held a “Don’t Touch Tell” Workshop at the school to raise Y3 and 4’s awareness of the dangers of drugs, and Y5 and 6 of the dangers of Alcohol.

Sports Ambassadors
Catrin Elen Jones and Carwyn Owen have been selected as Sports Ambassadors for the School. They will promote sports at the School. We wish them all the best with this work.

Campau’r Draig
Cynhelir gweithgareddau bob yn ail Nos Lun rhwng 3:15 a 4:15 gan gychwyn Nos Lun Hydref 31ain 2011

May 2011

Toothbrush Challenge
Llongyfarchiadau i holl ddisgyblion yr ysgol am lwyddo i gwblhau her brwsh dannedd Dwr Cymru. Mae hyn yn dangos ein bod yn deall gwerth dwr a’r rhan hanfodol mae’n ei chwarae yn ein bywyd bob dydd.

Gwynedd Healthy Schools Scheme

logo The Gwynedd Healthy Schools Scheme is managed in partnership with Wales National Public Health, Gwynedd Council, CYNNAL and the Local Health Board.

The scheme enable schools to make a positive contribution towards the health and well-being of their pupils, teachers and the wider community through developing a health promoting environment.

‘Healthy schools’ present aspects of health and well-being through the:-

  • National Curriculum
  • Hidden curriculum and the school’s ethos
  • Develop existing links between the home, the community and specialist agencies

The Gwynedd Healthy Schools scheme has been divided into three Stages. Schools are expected to fulfil work that is linked to the scheme within approximately 3 years. The School successfully completed STAGE 1 of Healthy Schools in 2008.

To complete the healthy schools requirements, the School is required to implement the ten points which form part of the scheme.

The School has fulfilled the 4 following points which are implemented at the School.

Point 1
The school should develop the contacts with the home, the community, and relevant specialized services, emphasising true partnership and the desire to become a Healthy School

Point 2
A whole-school positive attitude should be developed towards food and nourishment and ensure that healthy eating is promoted.

Point 5
A commitment should be shown towards improving the school environment, to promote the health and well-being of the entire school community.

Point 6
Ensure long-term schemes that provide an opportunity for every pupil to regularly participate in physical activities. In future, it is intended to implement the following points:

Year 2 2009/10
Point 3 – The school should develop as a workplace
that promotes the social, physical and emotional health of every member of staff.
Point 7 - Ensure that the entire school is a smoke-free zone, thus emphasizing the benefits of not smoking.
Point 10 - Ensure that the school regards safety as a priority, taking a pro-active rather than a reactive approach.

Year 3 2010/11
Point 4 The school should take action to reinforce self-worth and promote ALL the pupils’ mental health.

Point 8 The school should have a Drugs Prevention Policy that is supported by a planned drugs and alcohol education programme.

Point 9 The school should show a commitment to Sex Education and Relationships by having a planned education Policy and programme.

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